Frank Rezny - Short Biography



When I was about 8-9 years old, my father introduced me to photography not with a camera, but in “the darkroom”.

Waiting till dark and covering all the windows, my father set up a Leitz Focomat 1c enlarger on the dining room table, pour some chemicals into some trays and turned on a little amber safelight. Placing a strip of 35mm film in the negative holder, he flicked a switch and focused the negative image. Cool! The lamp off, a piece of paper was placed in the easel. Lamp back on for about 10 seconds, exposing the paper. Placing it into the first tray, after a few seconds, it blew me away to see an image form on the paper.

Magic!  I was hooked.

A few favourite photos

  1. 1.Waterfalls, Pingvellir

  2. 2.Pirelli F1 Tyres, Montreal

  3. 3.Knights Guard, Bremen, Germany

How I came to photography?